Nexus GB

Development Kits

We have the tools to help designers integrate our products into your design.

To help you integrate our products, quickly and at a low development cost into your design we offer PC based development tools.

PC Based Development ToolsDevelopment Kit

These kits allow you to learn how to access any of our memory keys or tokens. These kits have been proven to reduce research, development and production time. We include in the kit:-

  • Simple software application plus sample source code
  • Reader / writer to connect to your PC using either USB or RS232
  • The keys or tokens of your choice
  • 2 Receptacles


The RUGGEDrive™ family includes two low-cost development kits; one for DFX systems and one for UFX systems. Development kits includes:-

  • Two 4GByte tokensUFX Development Kit
  • PCB-mount receptacle
  • Panel-mount receptacle
  • PC adapter for easy connection to a PC
  • Mating interface cables (as needed)

Please contact the Nexus GB Ltd for additional information.


A GammaSafe™ development kit is also available.  It includes:-

  • GammaSafe™ token and receptacle samples
  • GammaLink™ III reader/writer
  • Sample application and its source code
  • Documentation explaining each of the functions included in the DLL.