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Our reader / writers are self contained interface units that you can connect to a host PC or CPU using RS232 or USB. The units are available to work with the full range of keys and tokens and come supplied with a communication cable, set-up software and a user manual. Both desktop and panel mount versions are available as well as all mounting hardware and accessories.

The KeyLink III/SlimLink III Reader/Writers are the standard Reader/Writers for all new applications. These readers were specifically designed to optimise throughput speeds when used with our SPI-Flash devices, but also support interchangeable use of all our standard serial memory Keys/Tokens – including those that utilise the Microwire, I²C and SPI interface protocol.

KeyLink III/SlimLink III Reader/Writers come with a USB interface and are ideal for development and production programming purposes.

Serial Key Reader/Writer (USB)

Specification Sheets (PDF)

KeyLink™ III
SlimLink™ III
Keytroller® III
Slimtroller™ III
Unitrolller™ III
Unitroller™ III

Readers and WritersOur KeyLink II/SlimLink II devices are still in production and available for legacy designs. The Reader/Writers are available with RS-232 or USB interfaces and come in both desktop ("Link" series) and panel-mount ("Troller" series) versions. Please contact Nexus GB Ltd for details on converting your KeyLink II application to a KeyLink III.

Serial Key & Token Reader/Writer (RS232)

Specifications Sheets (PDF)

KeyLink™ IIs


SlimLink™ IIs


Keytroller® IIs


Slimtroller™ IIs


Unitroller™ IIs


Unitroller™ IIs


The NFX memory interface provides for an easy direct connection of the NFX Token to a PC. It includes a "Token busy" LED. A reference design is also available - please consult Nexus GB Ltd.

NFX Interface Reader/Writer

Specification Sheet (PDF)

NFX Interface

NFX interface reader/ writer

It is often necessary/desirable to communicate with a memory token using a personal computer.  The GammaLink™ III reader/writer connects to a PC's USB port and includes a sample application that provides a simple interface for reading data off a GammaSafe™ token or writing data to it.

GammaLink™ Reader/ Writer

Specification Sheet (PDF)

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Plug Reader/Writer 

Bar Reader/Writer

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