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GammaSafe� Receptacle


GammaSafe™ Receptacle

GammaSafe receptacles are available as board mount and panel mount. The board mount are available in both through-hole (GR4220PCB) and surface-mount (GR4220SMT) versions. These right-angle, edge-mount receptacles are designed to minimise the amount of PCB real estate used, while still providing excellent retention of the memory token.

The GR4220PCB has a PCB footprint that is 37.5% smaller than that of an SD card receptacle, and utilises two retention nubs to help keep the token firmly in place. These retention features also give users tactile feedback when the memory token is fully engaged.

GammaSafe� Receptacle Specification


GammaSafe™ Receptacle

Specification Sheet (PDF)

The GammaSafe™ Receptacle is compatible with all GammaSafe™ Tokens and standard Tokens.


(Panel Mount)


(Panel Mount)


(Panel Mount)


(Suface Mount)