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Our IIK/IIT/IIX Series of keys and tokens features a guaranteed unique embedded serial number identifier that cannot be changed.  These data carriers also feature 1.5Kbits of read/write EEPROM memory that can be used to store and transport additional information.  These economical data carriers facilitate duplication-proof data storage with low overhead in countless applications.  Typical uses include access control, personal identification, licensing/revision control and loyalty programs.

The IEK/IET/IEX series of CryptoMemory® keys and okens utilises Atmel Corporation’s CryptoMemory ICs.  These data carriers are ideal for highly secure applications like ATM access control, gaming machines, cashless vending, and secure data transport.  Check out the joint Atmel/DKE website ( for more details.

Secure Memory Specification


Unique Identifier Keys & Tokens

Specification Sheet (PDF)

IIK Keys IIT Tokens IIX Extended Tokens


CryptoMemory® Key & Token

Specification Sheets (pdf)

IEK Keys IET Tokens IEX Tokens