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Our products will revolutionise your embedded design

Our range of rugged memory products from Datakey can solve all your data transfer issues, especially if your embedded device needs to operate in non-networked or harsh conditions.

Our industrial memory products will give you the following benefits:-

  1. Rugged and long life tokens and connectors will improve your products downtime and protect your data more reliably.
  2. Rugged serial memory products will remain available, unchanged and supported for many years, saving you having to re-design your embedded device for obsolescent memory products.
  3. Your support costs and security will improve as the unique memory tokens will only work with their unique connectors, protecting your system from conventional USB or SD devices.
  4. Using a proven, reliable data transfer system allows you to focus on the important parts of your new design.
  5. You will gain a revenue stream by supplying the tokens to your customers as we only supply to equipment manufacturers.

Our keys and tokens are available with a wide range of memory, holding from 1Kbit to 32GByte of data with industry standard interface protocols including Microwire, I²C, SPI, SD and USB. They’ve been built to withstand water, mud, dust, shock and vibration – and are often used in environments where they are exposed to chemicals, electrostatic discharge, sterilisation and extreme temperatures, conditions where consumer memory would not survive.

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Our mating connectors (aka receptacles) are easy to install devices which interface with our keys or tokens. They stay clean by employing a wiping action that removes dirt and residue from the contacts with every insertion and removal of the key or token. They have a minimum cycle life of 50,000 which is more than 30 times the cycle life of a USB connector.

We offer a wide range of board mount and panel mount receptacles to meet our customers differing needs. We are also offer an Immersion rated (IP67) receptacle including optional EMI Shielding.

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Our reader / writers are self contained interface units that you can connect to a host PC or CPU using RS232 or USB. The units are available to work with the full range of keys and tokens and come supplied with a communication cable, set-up software and a user manual.

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To help you integrate our products at a low development cost into your design we offer PC based development tools.   These development tools also allow you to reduce the time-to-market of your device.  If you require custom electronics our Protokey may be the answer.

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We have a successful history of working with design engineers to meet almost any requirements. We are happy to discuss your particular application and see how we can help to custom design for your system or product.

As well as full custom systems, we can modify standard products to incorporate a particular shape or embed your company logo into the product.

Please contact us for more information on customisation.

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