Nexus GB
Product Applications

Datakey Electronics' products are utilised in a wide variety of medical applications including:

•   Limit usePatient monitoring using industrial memory
•   Calibration uploads
•   Product verification
•   Data logging
•   Data transfer
•   Firmware updates
•   Personnel authentication

Product Benefits

Patient monitoring using industrial memoryNexus GB offers medical OEMs a number of benefits they can't find together in another offering.  Their products:

•    Survive EtO, autoclave and gamma sterilisation
•    Survive harsh medical environments
•    Have proven they are reliable for over 30 years
•    Are available long-term
•    Are fully-engineered solutions
•    Are intuitive and easy to use 

GammaSafe™ Range
  • Datakey Electronics' GammaSafe™ portable memory token has been tested and proven to survive medical device sterilisation doses of gamma radiation, up to 45 kGy, with no data loss.  
  • The SGT4Kb GammaSafe™ memory token contains 4Kbits of non-volatile, reprogrammable memory.  GammaSafe™

Medical applications

Datakey Electronics' products are utilised in a wide variety of medical applications including limit use, calibration uploads, product verification, data logging, data transfer, firmware updates, personnel authentication, model identification, parameter uploads, securely linking wireless medical devices. With the crucial requirements for reliable, accurate, and rugged products, the medical industry is a perfect fit for our core competencies.


eGene has created a genetic analysis system that uses disposable Gel Cartridges as part of its testing process. The company uses the SST2Kb Token to activate their equipment and monitor the viability of the cartridge. Because the equipment is used in a medical environment, it was also important that the token could be sterilised.


Endocardial Solutions produces heart monitor systems that use a balloon catheter. Each catheter is a single-use device that needs to be precisely calibrated before use. To achieve this, the company uses the IST16000 Token in a sterilisation-resistant plastic, providing a system that is both affordable and easy to use.


GMP Wireless Medicine is the first company to create a wire-free electrocardiogram. Many of these ECG devices can be used in a single hospital ward, although each transceiver must be ‘paired’ with its associated monitor. By using a Token that is moved from the transceiver to the monitor, it is possible to calibrate the two devices quickly and safely.


The fibre-optic medical sensors manufactured by Washington-based RJC need to be calibrated before use. Having initially produced their own tokens, the company switched to the Datakey Electronics LCS Token, which is rugged enough to be sterilised and affordable enough to be disposable.