Nexus GB
Faster recipe uploads

Recipe uploads using rugged memoryOur products provide a proven way to quickly, accurately, and consistently upload and execute a wide range of recipes. Our products make it so easy that anyone can do it, anywhere in the world.



  •     Upload programs/recipes to your products
  •     Implement firmware updates on deployed equipment
  •     Configure your products in the field
  •     “Clone” set-up parameters between units
User benefits

Commercial oven users benefit from the following:

  •     Quickly modify or upload recipes – simply insert a token or turn a key
  •     Easily/accurately distribute recipes across multiple ovens
  •     Ensure Recipe ConsistencyRecipe uploads using rugged memory
  •     Expand menu offerings
Manufacturer benefits

Food equipment manufacturers benefit from the following:

  •     Satisfy an industry need and gain a competitive advantage
  •     Open a revenue stream through the re-sale of keys or tokens
  •     Unique form-factor:

    Klix key

    •         Increases product recognition
    •         Increases product security
    •         Reduces risk of viruses and hacking
    •         Reduces risk of data carrier theft
Revenue Stream

Revenue Stream from memory keys

The uniqueness of our products offers OEMs product identity and a possible revenue stream through the re-sale of Keys and Tokens to their customers.

Food equipment manufacturing

Food equipment  manufacturers are profiting from the benefits of using Datakey products as a key part of their machines.  The reduction in field engineers required to calibrate machinery or to collect endless piles of change has resulted in significant cost savings and time efficiencies for various companies in the UK.

Merrychef, a UK company that makes microwave and combination ovens for commercial use, approached Nexus (G.B.) Ltd to develop a system for reprogramming their equipment with new recipe applications.  A LCK 16000 memory key is programmed at the company’s head office and is sent directly to end-users who no longer need to enter hundreds of individual keystrokes.  In a later generation of ovens, Merrychef have chosen to use SFT2MB token giving them more space to programme more complicated recipes.  


Four Square, part of Mars GB, produces the KLIX range of drink and snack vending machines.  They use the LCK1000 Key to give end-users a way of buying products without using cash.  The key is simply loaded with credit by the user, with purchases made from any authorised vending machine in the building.