Nexus GB

Datakey products are used in many transport related systems worldwide including:

  • Rail depot personnel protectTraffic light controlion systems and interlocking solutions
  • Precision fuel management
  • Railway signalling
  • Traffic light controllers
  • Parking meters

The benefits of using Datakey in transportation include:

  • Fuel dispensingusing industrial memory

    Data logging
  • Access control/ audit trail solutions
  • Parameter uploads
  • Cashless vending
  • Firmware updates

The keys are rugged enough to handle the harsh railroad site environment including conditions such as:

  • ExRailway signalling using industrial memoryposure to static electricity
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Shock and vibration
  • Extremes of weather
  • Datakey keys and tokensMany companies may look to use alternatives such as USBs and camera style memory cards.  However, the obsolescence factor inherent in these products is often too much of a risk.
  • Every product can be re-ordered during the lifespan of the product the OEM builds it into
  • Some products are still in use after 20 years
Revenue Stream

The uniqueness of our products offers OEMs product identity and a possible revenue stream through the re-sale of Keys and Tokens to their customers.

Revenue Stream from memory keys


Nexus provides robust, non volatile, memory keys that are used to meet various different transportation related needs.  Firstly, Datakey products are used as a method of identification for vehicles and individuals by UK fuel monitoring experts, MIS (Merridale Industrial Services).
Their system only allows the user to put the appropriate kind of fuel into the vehicle, cutting down human error and replacement motors cost, which can be a significant saving across a large fleet during the course of a year.

Another use is in the monitoring and management of the location of trains on the track, a system developed by Bombardier Transportation. Put simply, it helps stop two trains trying to drive over the same area of track at the same time.

In the US Datakey products are used by Caltrans, for on-site engineers to reprogram traffic light control modules and in parking meters by Duncan Industries to discourage vandalism and theft by using a ‘Cashkey’.


In the fuel management industry a lack of precision costs money – every user needs to be identified accurately every time. And every time they re-fuel it needs to be recorded and billed correctly. MIS (Merridale Industrial Services) Fuel Monitoring Ltd provide their clients with a secure, mobile device for identification, by using Nexus GB to provide the necessary portable memory tokens. The system provides security and consumption data, which in turn allows for good management practice and optimal fuel usage.  
Starting life as a standalone system, the Merridale Auditor has expanded into a product range which now encompasses integrated pumping, remote barrier and wash control, multiple-site networking and sophisticated software.


Bombardier Transportation’s objective is to assist railway operators in the operation of safe, efficient and cost-effective railway systems that easily cross national boundaries. Nexus was selected to be involved in a project focused on the design of new equipment to monitor and manage the location of trains on the track. Put simply, it helps stop two trains trying to drive over the same area of track at the same time. This is achieved using a transmitter in the track itself, which generates an audio note called an FSK tone, which alternates between two signals. The receiver at the other end looks for these notes and drives the track circuit relay, which in turn tells the signalling system that this particular area of track is clear. The rugged memory Key supplied by Nexus are used in these track circuit receivers, the memory key holds the frequency information.

For Bombardier, it’s the fact that Nexus has a built-to-last philosophy which made them the ideal partner for this project. 


Caltrans, the organisation responsible for designing, building, operating and maintaining the road network across California, implemented the DK1000 Serial Memory Key for on-site engineers to reprogram traffic light control modules. The system was later introduced by other states and, more recently, has been updated by a custom-designed product from Datakey Electronics.


Parking meters produced by Duncan Industries are used in over 60 countries. To discourage vandalism and theft, the company approached Datakey Electronics to develop a ‘CashKey’ that was tough enough to handle repeated use in an outdoor environment. The resulting product, which can be installed in conventional-looking meters, has been featured in Newsweek magazine.