Nexus GB
Product Uses

Datakey products are in use in the communications industry in the following ways:
•    secure voice and data communications
•    data transfer
•    machine access control
Voice data transfer    calibration & parameter uploads
•    feature enable/ disable

Product Benefits

Datakey Electronics offers OEMs a number of benefits they can't find together in another offering.  Their products:

•    Meet MIL-STD-810F specifications
•    Survive harsh medical environments
•    Have proven reliable for over 30 yearsSecure data transfer
•    Are available long-term
•    Are fully-engineered solutions
•    Are intuitive and easy to use

Crypto Ignition Keys

•    Datakey Electronics is the recognised leader in Crypto Ignition Keys (CIKs).
•    Throughout the years, Datakey Electronics has continuously demonstrated the ability to successfully design and manufacture portable memory systems for CIK applications that work reliably under harsh environmental conditions in tactical settings.
Crypto Ignition Keys


Many companies may look to use alternatives such as USBs and camera style memory cards.  However, the obsolescence factor inherent in these products is often too much of a risk.

•    Every product can be re-ordered during the lifespan of the product the OEM builds it into
•    Some products are still in use after 20 years
Brent secure phone

Revenue Stream

The uniqueness of our products offers OEMs product identity and a possible revenue stream through the re-sale of Keys and Tokens to their customers.


Revenue Stream

Secure communications

The first thing to stress when attempting to illustrate how our products are used in the communications sector is that, as many of our customers tend to be within the Government or military, we don’t always know what our products are going to be used for. Furthermore, even when we do know what the products are doing, we always maintain our customer’s confidentiality. However, we are able to illustrate some examples below, but it is important to remember that applications for our products are only limited by the imagination.  

In many instances, the appropriate Government or military bodies, or Government suppliers, came to us because they were aware that our keys will not become redundant any time soon. We are committed to ensuring that every product we sell can be re-ordered during the lifespan of the product the OEM builds it into, the Brent phone is a great example of this kind of longevity, because it has been in use for nearly fifteen years.


Datakey Electronics and the US Department of Defense worked together to create STU-III: a secure telephone unit that would encrypt or ‘scramble’ voice calls. Users simply insert a pre-programmed KSD64A Crypto Ignition Key into each phone. STU-III keys are used on phones made by AT&T, Martin Marietta, Motorola and RCA.


Every day, the US Armed Forces needs to transfer cryptographic code to communications equipment on vehicles, ships and planes. Datakey Electronics created the KSD-1 memory plug, which meets military specifications by being water resistant, heat resistant and cold resistant – yet is small enough to fit in portable communication devices.


Brent secure phone

Our products form a key component in the Brent secure phone, a secure ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) telephone, which protects voice and data up to and including top secret and all UK caveats. The Brent phone has been evaluated by SECAN (Military Committee Communications Security & Evaluation Agency, Washington) and approved by the Military Committee for the processing secure dial-up connectivity between LANs and meets the NATO TEMPEST standard to secure communications equipment from eavesdroppers.

The Brent phone encrypts a voice digitally, ensuring that the two people on either end of the phone are actually who they claim to be. Our memory tokens are used as part of the CIK that is inserted into the phone.

Nexus products are also a key component in more modern innovations such as the High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor (HAIPE), a new generation of network encryptors designed to provide user data confidentiality, traffic protection and integrity at the IP layer.