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The RUGGEDrive™ family of memory tokens from Datakey are USB or SD technology enclosed in an ultra-rugged package which uses a range of specialised connectors that are equally robust.

Just link one of the Datakey connectors to your devices internal USB / SD or SPI port and when the RUGGEDrive™ token is inserted you get full USB or SD functionality without the drawbacks of using standard consumer USB or SD devices.

Available in memory capacities of 4GBytes to 16GBytes, the RUGGEDrive is specifically designed for industrial applications like yours.
The RUGGEDrive is ideal for applications such as data-logging, parameter uploads or firmware updates and is being used in industries including telecoms, medical and motorsport.
The RUGGEDrive™ tokens are impervious to liquid, can withstand chemicals such as oil, can be medically sterilised and are virtually crush proof. Due to the Datakey unique mating connector system the tokens can withstand large amounts of vibration and shock and still read / write. There is also a range of connectors which are IP65/IP67 rated, ideal if your device is exposed to water or wash down environments.

There are two separate product ranges ;

DFX series which delivers a high performance SD (secure digital) interface, including SPI

UFX series which delivers a USB 2.0 connection

Some of the benefits you will realise by incorporating the RUGGEDrive into your design are:-

  • Your support costs will reduce as the unique tokens and connection system will mean your customer will be unable to use any un-qualified devices in your product.
  • Your development time will shorten as it is quick and easy to build into your single board computer, industrial PC or any other system that includes a USB/SD or SPI port.
  • Your product’s downtime will improve as the rugged tokens will continue to work in harsh environments and give longer more reliable use.
  • Your field support costs will drop as the whole Datakey range of mating connectors (receptacles) have a very high insertion life preventing the need to field replace the connectors in your equipment.
  • You will get easy, quick and reliable transfer of data to and from your device as the tokens fit in the connector either way up.
  • You will have peace of mind that conventional USB / SD devices cannot be used, improving your security and reducing the likelihood of unauthorised removal of your precious data.
  • You can easily program, check or update the tokens for your customer using a RUGGEDrive™ PC adaptor.
  • You will gain a new revenue stream by selling the RUGGEDrive™ tokens to your customers as we will only sell to you, the equipment manufacturer

Because Datakey design, manufacture and supply both the token and the matching connector, we “own and manage” this connection for you – our years of experience ensure that the connection works first time every time; just ask some of our government and military customers who rely on our tokens to work in the harshest of environments, first time when they need them.


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Prefer to read the techie stuff? 

To view the specifications for the RUGGEDrive please refer to the specifications tab at the top of this page.

RUGGED USB or SD specification

Click on the titles to download the full specification sheets


SD card functionality

Memory Capacity: 4GB Standrad

(8GB, 16GB, 32GB available)

Interface: Secure Digital (SD), including SPI Mode

USB flash drive functionality

Memory Capacity: 4GB Standard

(8GB, 16GB, 32GB available)

Interface: USB 2:0 High Speed



PC adaptor for RUGGEDrive

DFX PC adaptor


UFX PC adaptor